Education and Coaching

For heart lead photographers and business owners.

Join me live behind the scenes as I shoot food and product!

I've had the privilege of assisting some great photographers, and been behind the scenes watching a photoshoot unfold start to finish, and there's something so comforting and inspiring seeing it all come together. It helps you come away with that feeling of "Hey, I think I could do that too!'

Free Training! 


Learn and Grow at your Own Pace

Let's figure out how to make your business work the best way for YOU!

As a wife and mother, being a photographer and business owner is just another hat I wear. I make my business fit around my life. IF you don’t like giving your family and friends the leftovers after a traditional 40 hr week, I'm here to help you change that. 

Ever wish you had a professional shoulder angel to help you fine tune your business, coach you on all the things that don't make sense? Well, now you can. 

1 on 1 Mentoring


My Signature Food Photography Guide

Learn how I went from $0-$40k in 4 hrs a week

Take your food photography—and your business—to the next level with this e-book that covers the basics of getting started, using natural light, equipment, where to buy props, optimal workflows, building your portfolio and more!

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The 1 day retreat where you come away with ALL the tools you need to confidently pursue commercial clients 

Commercial Photography Bootcamp

Learn how to Style and Shoot for Commercial Clients

Learn how to Style and Shoot Food

Build a portfolio with multiple guided photoshoots

How to add Commercial Photography to your business

Customizable templates to send to clients

Class Time to work on your website and templates!