Imagery that inspires home.

For Food Bloggers + Food brands + Restaurants

Entice and Invite your customers with mouth watering food images that jump off the page!  

This offering is a good fit for you if: You own a restaurant, a food blog or delicious food brand.  Finished and Process Shots for recipes. Updated Menu and Restaurant Photography. Food products with packaging. 

Product Based Brands for Home + kitchen

02. Lifestyle Photography

Invite and Inspire your customers how to use your products in a home setting. 

This offering is a good fit for you if: you have a product based business, or are a personal brand that wants to showcase YOU to the world. If you're unsure what you need, start with my free Brand Workbook to generate ideas. 

01. Food Storytelling

For Lifestyle Brands and Products

For those who need help creating content for their own marketing needs or socials but aren't ready for a large scale production. Let me help solve your styling, prop and lighting questions.

This offering is a good fit for you if: You have a lifestyle or food brand. Are out of state and have your own photographer but want my expertise to help your project stay visually on track. 

03. Photography + Styling Consulting

The Process

one - Inquire

Inquire and Discovery call.
Let's talk face to face, I want to hear about your vision for the project and how I can help you achieve it. 

two - Plan

Research, Plan + Prep
Before your shoot begins I'll research your competition, gather brand guidelines and inspiration images and generate a shot list.

three - Photoshoot

Photoshoot Day
Tackling the shot list first I leave room for spontaneous and creative moments that may occur. Capturing both horizontal and vertical orientations with negative space to make your marketing a breeze .

four - Delivery

Image Preview + Gallery Delivery
Select your favorite images from your private online gallery, after any final editing adjustments are made you'll receive a download link with your high resolution images. 

I believe that...

People don't do business with companies

people do business with other people

If you're looking for someone that takes care of you and cares as much as you do... Why hello, I'm here to help.

what they're saying:

“We absolutely love working with Michele. And since making the switch, our photography has gone from "unremarkable" to "WOW!" We are constantly impressed with the creativity, perfect lighting, and stunning images we get back every time. Michele has an eye for food photography and we love how she will take our ideas and come back with anything better than we could have imagined. Hiring her is one of the best investments we've made in our business!.”

— Steph, Six Sisters Stuff

what they're saying:

Working with Michele embodies the very essence of home. 
Home in the way she makes you feel in front of the camera. 
Home in the way she creates a setting made just for you.
Home in the way she captures your spirit, even if you're not actually in the shot. Home in the way she honors your work, and its purpose.
From Brand shoots to personal shoots, she always finds a way to bring you home, showcasing your truest self. She sees the world differently, and it's apparent: her grace shines through her camera lens - brightly and beautifully.

— Yasamin Salavatin, Copywriter + Business Owner 

what they're saying:

Working with Michele was one of my favorite experiences to date. She not only is kind and thoughtful, but incredibly talented as both a stylist and photographer. She makes everyone feel at ease while providing beneficial critiques to make the photographs the best they can be.

— Stephanie Abbitt, Creative Director


Let's Make Something

Beautiful Together